Wycliffe Associates Event
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Wycliffe Associates Event

Wycliffe Associates Dinner

Come hear how God is using new translation methods and technology to help take Scriptures to the ends of the earth.

Special Guest Speaker Rick Gray

“Baba was a kind, gentle man of many years,” says Rick Gray, Wycliffe Associates Director of Strategic Platforms for Asia and South Asia. “He was once a prisoner of WWII.”

Rick was serving with a team of linguists in Central Asia and had the opportunity to visit the frail, elderly Baba in his humble home, in a small village on the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains, As they all gathered around a table, the tea began to flow. So did the conversation. They talked late into the day as they patiently waded through four language barriers.

When it came time to leave, Rick was overcome by Baba’s need for the translated scripture. “I will never be able to explain the sense of urgency that rushed through my soul,” he said.

I truly understood the urgent need of God’s Word in a language that speaks to one’s mind and heart. As we left, our hearts were broken for we knew this man would never, in his lifetime, read God’s Word in his heart language.”

This memory fuels Rick’s passion for Bible translation in Asia and South Asia. As the director for this region, he is using his business management background to help establish and maintain sustainable small businesses in locations where Bible translation work is risky. These businesses, in addition to providing a livelihood for local Christians, are used to connect with church networks and other organizations – all working together to accelerate Bible translation.

Rick is thrilled to share with others about his seven years in Bible translation work and how God is using Christians of all backgrounds to reach people like Babe with the translated Word faster than ever before.

“We’ve been there,” Rick says. “We’ve seen the spiritual darkness and hopelessness. We know people who have never read scripture in their own language. Every day matters.”

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